Ginger P Designs is growing..

8 Mar

Growing? Yes, growing. Currently “Ginger P’s” belly is growing as we are expecting a new bundle of joy in August, AND COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED! A few weeks ago I posted on my instagram our announcement, and wanted to share with y’all the same news, and more details here on my blog.

babeOf course I probably spent way too much time on making this little card, but I wanted it to be unique to us and of course be a design on paper 🙂 Anyways, I promise to keep this brief as I have learned that people who really care about your pregnancy and every little detail each week are the ones who are pregnant, and there are plenty of “mom” blogs out there for that, but I will answer the basic questions that seem to be interesting to even non-preggers people…

DUE DATE: August 16th (Exactly in between mine and Bjorn’s birthdays which is kinda fun!) Mine is July 27th and his is Sept. 11th- yes 9/11 I know, poor guy

SO HOW FAR ALONG ARE YOU RIGHT NOW? 17 WEEKS AS OF YESTERDAY (3/18/14) But here is the picture we took last weekend when I was exactly 16 weeks. Currently I am in that stage where if you didn’t know I was pregnant you would just think I like to eat doughnuts and drink lots of beer. It also depends on what I wear, in looser fitting tops you can’t even tell, but in a tighter shirt there is definitely a gut making an appearance! My pants do button, but it is so uncomfortable when they do… so sweatpants and leggings it is – everyday. But who am I kidding, this really isn’t that different from before haha.


WILL YOU FIND OUT THE GENDER?: No!! I LOVE surprises, and life doesn’t offer too many, so this was definitely a no-brainer for me, all my friends know that I have always wanted to keep the gender a surprise when this day would come.

HOW ARE YOU FEELING? Fantastic! And I have been feeling great since the day I found out, I know I am very lucky because the one or two mornings I did get sick I thought dang, some girls go through this every morning? That. would. suck. The first 14 weeks was nap city though, thank goodness I work from home 😉 Hats off to you gals who have jobs that don’t offer optional naps in the afternoon. Come 3:00pm and I could hardly keep my head upright…

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING FOR THE NURSERY? I love stripes, arrows and triangles. I am totally into “not so baby” colors.  Right now I am torn between two color palettes* (these are not THEMES haha) … can’t decide if I want to do more of a slate blue on the walls with mustard, mint, and brighter color accents/prints or if I want to do a stone color on the walls with more black/white, mustard, mint, gold. I think the bedding will make the decision for me. I am in love with these two etsy shops to get the bedding from Iviebaby and Modfox. Other than that, don’t worry I’m sure I will keep you updated.

HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOUR CUSTOMERS/BRIDES YOU ARE WORKING WITH FOR 2014? As of right now I plan to be off from the beginning of August until the end of September, but after that plan to work full time! I will be sure to remind customers of the upcoming time off, and the dates may be altered slightly as it gets closer, but it should only affect those who would like programs or day of items for their August/September weddings and possibly November/December weddings for their invites. But, as long as you are aware of my time away, we can plan ahead and get everything done and ordered before then!!

Oh and the baby it’s first pair of shoes from Aunt Krissy this past week, too cute not to share 🙂


Can’t wait for August and the new adventure this little one will bring us!!

cheers, Gina

2 Responses to “Ginger P Designs is growing..”

  1. Cyndi and Bob Wenzel March 9, 2014 at 7:39 pm #

    Congratulations to you and BJ. So very happy for you! You guys will be great parents. Enjoy every minute!

  2. Juanita September 19, 2014 at 7:25 am #

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