Jes + Ivan’s Save the Dates

13 Feb

When Jes and her mom (Denise) told me that Jes was engaged I knew that this wedding was going to be unforgettable. Jes and Denise are the owners and designers of Imagination at Work Design Studio, a wedding design and decorating company located in Southern Minnesota, and their eye for amazing style never disappoints. So when they mentioned that I would be doing all the paper goods + stationery for the big day… I was beyond ecstatic!

With save the dates always being the first glimpse of your wedding, Jes knew she wanted to send out something that would tie in the ivory, pink + gray color scheme of her wedding – but also be just as fabulous as their engagement pics (you will see what I mean in a bit).

Working with Jes is super easy because she knows exactly what she wants, but lets me roll with the ideas and creativity. She wanted a patterned “fold-open” piece that would highlight their picture with simple text, and of course with lots of pink! I had a hard time finding any patterned stock that fit what she was after, so I actually printed the chevron pattern and inside text, then hand-folded the ivory shimmer stock using my boning tool. The only thing Jes had to do was paste in her beautiful photo! We then matched a pink shimmer envelope with a chevron patterned liner and gray handwritten font for the guest + return addresses.

Chevron Save the date

jes STD 2

My favorite part is the little heart map on the back of the folded piece that highlights where both Jes and Ivan are from : ) They actually met in Miami when Jes was attending school and Ivan was living there, they will be having many guests flying in from all over the country and world for their Minnesota wedding in July!

jes STD 3

The amazing engagement photos were taken by Daniel Dinsmore Photography, and did I mention that Ivan was a model for ten years? Must be rough when the most difficult part of your wedding planning is deciding which photo to use on your save the dates because they all belong in a magazine…

jes STD 4Sealed with a heart, and these babies were sent out this week just in time for Valentine’s Day!!

Jes STD 5

cheers, Gina


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