New office view

9 Jan

This week/weekend I finally got around to an office project I have been craving for a while. One day my fingers were stopped dead in their tracks scrolling through Pinterest when I saw a pin that had a rig wired up with creative prints and cards above a little desk and I thought to myself “I NEED THAT”

I showed the pic to my husband and asked “could you do this?!” Sure, I just need… oh don’t worry I picked up the supplies from IKEA about a month ago haha so you can get started whenever you have a chance dearest 🙂

And he did on Sunday…


ginger p office 5

ginger p office 4

I chose invitations and prints that showed a variety of styles and colors I have done over the past year(s) that would stand out against my charcoal gray walls. I’m sure I will be switching some in and out moving forward depending on the season. Right above my computer I plan to always have the current month, and the next month calendar views so they are just a glance away along with a seasonal reminder like “Happy Valentine’s Day”


And then I got really artsy …
ginger p office 3
Thanks Beej, it was exactly how I imagined it 🙂

cheers, Gina


2 Responses to “New office view”

  1. Krista K January 9, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

    I love picture #3!!!

  2. Allison S May 5, 2014 at 4:04 pm #

    So neat Gina! What a great idea to be able to see what you have done over the years…see how far you have come and inspiration on where you will go next.
    I love it 😀

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