Holiday Hangout

1 Jan

I realize that this post is “last year’s” news, but considering I had trouble finding time to breathe in the month of December it had to wait until today! Last holiday season when I was up to my ears in holiday card orders and my real 8-5 job I promised myself I would have a “Ginger P” holiday party next year... I had ideas racing through my head of how to incorporate my paper goods, my friends and my christmas obsession – some were good, some were terrible.

Fast forward one year, and I threw out some dates to a few peeps about this “Ginger P” holiday party, I think they were confused as to what exactly it was, and to be honest I was too haha! I still didn’t have all the details down in my head, but we had a date, and I had confirmed guests. SO I started scratchin out ideas in my notebook. I finally came up with a concept that worked well with my paper goods, my friends and my christmas obsession – but I did add one more very key element: wine.

And this is how it all went down…

On a Friday night in early December I invited a handful of my friends and family to attend the first ever Ginger P Design’s “Holiday Hangout” which included 3 creative stations where the gals could decorate holiday cards, create a Christmas banner, and make holiday “pom-poms”. The holiday cards to decorate were just like my greeting cards, except I did a few basic holiday designs that they could jazz up with washi tape (click on link to buy your own) or glitter and then choose their own envelope liner from a variety of designs. The Christmas banner was the same design concept as my thanksgiving banner tutorial I did, but they got to choose their own ribbon color(s) for hanging and touches of glitter or washi tape for the blank panels. And last, was the “pom-pom” station where we used different colored yarn to make classic pom-pom balls that could be used to finish off their banners, hung as an ornament or on a present for a finishing touch. (my mom said she used to make them and put them on her roller-skates when she was younger – so there is another suggestion?)

In addition to the creative stations, appetizers were provided and each guest brought a bottle of wine for us all to share. Bottom line: christmas + friends + glitter + wine make for a VERY fun evening.

Holiday Hangout invitationWine barAnne and MariaJess, Gina, Sharon

creative materials usedEm working hardMerry Merry CardKrista showing us how it's doneThe finished productall the gals holiday hangout 61Cat + Lindsey helping eachother outBanner Tableholiday hangout 5555Danie showin offJess workin on her pom-pom

Julie, Mom, Kris

Time to put the goodies away

And here are some of the girls’ creative work displayed in their homes! 

Anne's banner

Anne’s on her beautiful mirror

Tami's house

Tami’s hanging so festively at her new place

Cailey's house

Cailey’s complete with 2 perfect pom-pom’s

The constant glitter sparkle that lingered around my house for days added that extra Christmas spirit, and it was a good reminder of all the fun we had! Can’t wait for the 2nd annual Holiday Hangout next year!

cheers, Gina

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