A “Photo” Finish

2 Dec

I haven’t had that exciting of a Thursday night since 2008. This past Thursday marked the last day for everyone to “vote” in our first ever Wedding Spree by Ginger P Giveaway and it came down to the final minutes!! At 11:59 PM Elizabeth and Michael’s photo overcame several lead changes to seal the deal with 1,581 “likes” and Sarah + Ryan’s photo came in with a close second finish of 1,567 “likes”. If you would have seen me that night refreshing my computer screen and phone every 10 seconds I easily could have been mistaken for a 13 year old girl trying to buy Bieber concert tickets!!

And here are some highlights:

Wedding Spree by Ginger P

Thank you to everyone that voted and participated – amazing. The top 3 finishers will receive prizes, with the grand prize being a full wedding invitation package and the runners-up each receiving their choice of thank you cards or save the dates.

Since I will be working with Elizabeth and Michael on their wedding, I wanted to start out by getting to know them  and what they have planned for their big day.

A little Question + Answer session with Elizabeth…

How did you hear about the contest?

I had been hearing about Ginger P for awhile, but didn’t really think to add you on facebook! I had looked through your website, but never “liked” your page. Someone had liked it on facebook awhile after the contest details had been posted, so when I liked it, I saw the contest…it was meant to be! Side-note: After I entered, found out that my mom was friends with your mom in high school, how ironic!

A comment on your photo mentioned your pic was taken with a timer…details please!!? And where was the picture taken?

Michael is a producer and photographer for an advertising agency, so his talent has always given us the opportunity to take creative pictures. Photos mean so much to us, so when we wanted to do our engagement pictures, we knew we had to do a few by ourselves. One freezing COLD fall day, we got dressed up and went to a lake in the middle of nowhere in between Waterville and Montgomery where Michael hunts. He had me climbing dirt hills in heels, and on a foot wide concrete barrier where the photo was taken-the other side of the barrier is the lake! It usually overflows, but the water was low, so we were able to stand on it. He set up his tripod, focused on me, and then would run back…I was so afraid I was going to end up in the water!

Elizabeth and Michael

Tell us about Elizabeth + Michael..

Michael’s cousin, Molly, and I went to college together in Mankato. She was always talking about her family. One night, we went to a “highlighter” party, and I met Michael. We both had significant others, so we were just friends, but I thought he was so cute! He later told me he thought the same thing! My other friend and I would take “cousin” photos of Michael and Molly so we could look at him! (oh, college!:)) Whenever I would see him, he was always SO nice-he would always come and talk to me, no matter how much we actually knew each other. 4 years later, I went to Molly’s graduation party in St. Cloud. Michael was there, and he walked up to me and said, “Elizabeth, any future boyfriend, fiance, husband that you have is so lucky, because you’re gorgeous!” I thought he was just trying to be smooth…but then I decided to make HIM the lucky one:)

We’ve been together for 3 and a half years, where 2 of them he was living in Brainerd as a photo assistant. He was traveling everywhere, so I didn’t get to see him that much. In September, he moved back to work in Minneapolis. He moved back on a Sunday, bought the ring on Monday, and proposed on Saturday in front of my family. All he needed was to be closer to me! I am a teacher in New Prague, so I know I could get a job in any city, but it meant so much to me that he wanted to move back around here so that we could be close to each other and our families.

and if you could tell us a little bit about your wedding planned in June…

We are getting married at Sacred Heart Church in Waseca and a place called the Barn Room that is being remodeled to host weddings. We will be the second wedding that will be there! Having our family and friends around is the very most important, so we are trying to incorporate them as much as possible! Both of us and our families are really creative and crafty, so we will be making most of everything for the wedding. My mom will be sewing all of the bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ dresses, and Michael and I will design and create all of the decorations! I’m very thankful that I have such a talented and creative future husband!

Elizabeth and MichaelAgain – Thank you to EVERYONE that entered and voted and shared, it was a success because of you. I can’t wait until next year’s contest – yes, that’s right next year, there is no doubt that this will be an annual event at Ginger P Designs.

cheers, Gina

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