Pre-Thanksgiving Shenanigans

15 Nov

One week from today more than likely you will be gathering with family and friends to feed your bellies, watch football, or stake out your plan of attack when the doors fly open at the mall – either way, it is your Thanksgiving. And each of us have our own people or things we are thankful for…I know I could go on and on and on about what I am thankful for: amazing family, awesome friends, fabulous customers etc.

But sometimes you need reminders about how thankful you are for even the smallest things… Like this morning when I let my hair dry “naturally” after my shower I realized HOW THANKFUL AND LUCKY I AM THAT I HAVE A CHI HAIR DRYER, CURLING IRON AND STRAIGHTENER. OMG. So with that as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches I think a daily reminder is necessary, and I have the perfect way to do that in your own home – I made a banner ,and you can make it too!!

I am always lacking in Thanksgiving decor as I put away my scary/sparkly/ridiculous halloween items and try to hold myself back from busting out the Christmas tree – so I put together a banner that I hope you will make and use for your own home, OR you could make and bring to your Thanksgiving host.

Here we go:

First, print and cut out the printable templates that I provided below.

If you want to add some “glitz” to a few flags like I did then you will want to print out a few of the blank templates. I did 3, one at the beginning, one in between “give” and “thanks”, and the other at the end. For a no-mess glitter project I always use double sided tape, IT IS AMAZING. Perfect lines, less mess and no drying time for glue.

Here I put down my tape and trimmed it at the ends so it was flesh with the edge of the paper.


And then dumped on the glitter!

I use the Martha Stewart glitter collection, it is the best and the color I used for this project is called smoky quartz.


After you clean off the excess glitter then punch holes in the top two corners of each flag. I use just a regular 1/4 inch hole punch.


Then string through any type of ribbon you want and just like that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving banner 🙂 I always thread mine through so that the ribbon goes every other through the front and then through the back as you can see here…


Couldn’t resist the angle from my kitchen table to show off my tree with my glitzy pumpkins to match the banner!

I am always nosy and wondering where you bought that… so if you were wondering or care to know I got my sticks table runner at Target, my tree at Pier 1, and my little turkey and pumpkin at Gordmans.

The printable file for the “give thanks” banner is here: give thanks banner

Pump the brakes!! Before you either click away from this post to go buy a turkey made of sticks or print off the files, I have to share with you the news since my last blog post about my brother, Amanda and their new little baby! Geno William entered the world on October 26th weighing in at 8 lbs. 3 oz. and he is the CUTEST. He officially has been added to my I am thankful for list this year. Mom and Dad are doing great too.


Happy Thanksgiving!! cheers, Gina


2 Responses to “Pre-Thanksgiving Shenanigans”

  1. Jackie November 15, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    Love this DIY post 🙂 I must plan on some craft time this weekend… Thank you so much!


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    […] envelope liner from a variety of designs. The Christmas banner was the same design concept as my thanksgiving banner tutorial I did, but they got to choose their own ribbon color(s) for hanging and touches of glitter […]

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