Good Morning Fall

27 Sep

Hello Fall! I ABSOLUTELY love this time of year: cute clothes, gopher and vikings football especially when they both have better records than the badgers and packers, pumpkins, and school is underway for students and teachers!

This past Saturday was the first day of Fall, and the beginning of a new reason for a season.I personally think new resolutions should be made now, not in January… so much easier to start working out harder when the temps are comfortable, so much easier to eat healthier when fruits and veggies are in season, so much easier to get into a routine with school starting, and so much easier to save money with all of those furniture, car, appliance, back to school, and early christmas sales!!!

I always find myself getting more into a routine this time of year. (which I like) Summer has way too many distractions when you are trying to focus that I feel like it is 9:00 pm by the time I settle in and think hmm where did that day go? (which is even harder when you work in the wedding industry that thrives in the summer months haha) Working for yourself definitely has its perks, but you also need to be disciplined and determined. I recently read Gretchen Rubin’s, author of The Happiness Project, top 5 tips for boosting your mood at the office, or as she refers to it “our other home, where we spend a huge number of our waking hours, and where we get a sense of purpose, self-esteem and engagement.” I have been working on putting them to work and love the results so I thought I would share 🙂

Simple yet effective, right? Hope you can apply them into your work life as well.

BUT, before we dive into Fall, where did this summer go?? Time flies when you are having fun right…Well, with my hubby and I going on a big trip, lake outings, attending a wedding each weekend in August and launching a new website and collection I now remember – it was a whirlwind!

The hubs and I at Travis + Cailey’s gorgeous wedding

My sister in law (7 months pregs), cousin Peter the groom, myself, beautiful bride Emily and little sis Krista!

I am always honored/blessed/excited to help with friends and families wedding stationery needs, and I love coming up with results that reflect their styles and personalities. Here are some from this summer…

Kristin and Travis’s Navy and pink set that went with their classy and preppy country club wedding.

Kyle and Amanda’s gray and yellow invitations & programs that set the tone for their glamorous wedding in Madison, WI

Just one of the new greeting cards in our new collection that launched this summer!! to view more click here

New website launched this summer!!

Pure Bliss at the lake cabin and Bjorn’s extremely bright orange swim trunks down on the boat

And I can’t wait to wear cute clothes like this! Thank you random girl from Pinterest for the inspiration. cheers, Gina

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