Say Hello to our Summer Intern

6 Jun

Yes, you guessed it our intern’s name is Kelsey! Last week was her first day and we are so excited to have her onboard for the summer. With wedding season in full swing and new products on the horizon, extra help is never turned down! I know that when I was in college, my internship (print design company) was one of the best learning experiences I had …. and I hope she can say the same someday!

Here is a little more about “Intern Kelsey”

Full name: Kelsey Witt

College: Will be a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout

Major: Graphic Communications Management with concentrations in applied photography and graphic design

Fav. Hobbies: Playing sports, being outside, taking pictures, and painting

Interesting Fact: She is extremely afraid of flying and airplanes, when her family went to Hawaii she begged her mom to drive to Texas to at least cut back on some of the flight…

And here is a little behind the scenes action with Kelsey taking some shots of new products and layouts that will be up on the web and available soon!

Little side-note from this past weekend – I got to attend my first wedding of the season! Once in a while invitations come to our house too rather than just out the door haha. This weekend was wedding #1 of 10 for the year 🙂 Yes, 10 and I love it! This weekend was my friend Ashlee’s reception – and it was a perfect day with a perfect setting (Lake Minnetonka,  80 and sunny!!) The beautiful day was then followed by a sunset boat cruise and a picture with all the girls and gorgeous bride…

and here is one of the reception courtesy of Mandy B photography

And this week we hit 500 fans on Facebook!! The hubby said we can have a party when we hit 1,000 fans so c’mon if you spread the word I will invite you to the party : )   cheers, Gina

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