Mother’s Day Packaging Pretties

11 May

Mother’s Day is on Sunday and if you are like me then you will be wrapping up her gift on Sunday morning (just how I roll) And, if you are also like me and think your mom is the most wonderful, amazing and beautiful woman in the world then her present needs to reflect that OR at least look wonderful, amazing and beautiful! Today I got some “packaging pretties” to do just the trick and they are FREE too so you can spend more on her gift 🙂

I have never been one to buy cards, I mean it would be like someone who owned a bakery and went and bought doughnuts from the gas station… it’s just not right!! This year I knew my card had to have the color tangerine tango on it (mom’s fav color as of right now she says) and as I was cruising through target the other day I literally stopped in my tracks and stared in awe of the CUTEST packaging pretties and paper!! I am obsessed with the colors navy, gold and coral right now for spring and summer, ok I have always been obsessed with coral and my friends know that, but I honestly think this packaging was made for me….

see… it is amazing so I think you should go buy some of it for your mom, bridal showers and any other parties you got rocking this summer. I think the possibilites are endless too as how you could put together some variations of the different looks. And lucky for you I made some folded mother’s day cards and gift tags to match! check out the pics below and then the link at the bottom on how to download the free templates….

The free printable files are available on our website here. Have a great Mother’s Day weekend! cheers, Gina

And here is a recent pic of my pretty Mom and I…

3 Responses to “Mother’s Day Packaging Pretties”

  1. Jill May 11, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    Sweet Gina…thank you for everything you said! My life is awesome because of my family and I love being a mom! Muah!!!

    • Cat May 15, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

      You are so sweet Ginger! I with ya in loving coral, navy, and gold! oxox Cat

  2. Amy Viland May 22, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

    cute cute cute lady! 🙂 love it! Great way to show your appreciation for Jilly-Beans!

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