One Month

16 Apr

Greetings from 300 Linden St., my new office address! No, not a new office, just the same home office I have always been working from, but we have new hours! daytime!! Yes now you will get e-mails from me at normal hours of the day… not after midnight. For those of you that have been following, you know that one month ago was my first day being full time GPD, I know I know and it took me a month to report and update, but it has been busy (a good busy though)

Anyways I have a lot of people asking, “so how is it going!?” GOING GREAT, GUYS!! Let me fill you in and get caught up to speed on the transformation…

Since I had been doing Ginger P for the past year and a half, I really didn’t have to buy any new “equipment” or “supplies”, but I was going to need a new computer because I had my work laptop that used to always going back and forth with me between work and home (work – GPD).

I have always been a PC girl just because that is what I had always used… and we are creatures of habit, right!? I would always mock those that only used apple products being like ohhh you are one of those!! Even though I probably had with me my iPod, iPhone and iPad — I just never thought I would make the jump to an apple computer. BUT, everyone I know in the creative/design industry uses apple… and thought there had to be a reason. Well I found out that reason… because they are AMAZING (faster, reliable, modern, simple, did I mention fast?) I did it. I converted to ALL APPLE by getting the macbook, apple keyboard and the almighty apple magic mouse. I must admit, I haven’t looked back since and it was a pretty easy adjustment too since all my software programs are the same, just gotta learn the new shortcuts. But that is with any new toy, you adapt pretty quickly right. And here is the new setup…

Only thing missing is the apple thunderbolt display but I think that may be on my xmas list 😉

I love shoes there is no doubt about that, but what I love even more is the fact that I don’t have to wear them all day long. (which can make me hate them by the end of the day) Here at the home office, shoes are not required, which means gone are the days where I would spend a good chunk of my shopping budget on comfortable, business casual shoes that I could wear to work. Now I think about cute tennis shoes that I can put on to run errands, or wedges for going out or meetings, you know the fun stuff 🙂 But, I have to share with you my latest obsession for this Spring: my new nike 6.0 balsa loafers!! You know when you want to wear jeans with some comfy shoes, but not tennis shoes!? These are now my go-to kicks for that exact moment and are think they are even cuter with shorts or capris to show them off. They come in a lot of funky colors too, but I opted for the coral red this time. Want to get a pair of your own?!  click here

I recently had the opportunity to speak at my local high school to the consumer economics class about my business since they were studying the unit of “entrepreneurship”. It was so fun to be able to tell my story, and it also reminded me of all the steps I have taken to get where I am today! I had so much fun talking to the students and I couldn’t believe it but they actually asked some questions in the end and told me they found it interesting. So all in all it was a success and I would love to do it again sometime!!

Gina Peterson of Ginger P Designs speaking at JWP High School

The first month being full time GPD has been very rewarding already AND I have been working on a lot of fun projects lately so stay tuned for more to come!
cheers, Gina

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