This week’s highlights

4 Mar

We had a busy week here at Ginger P Designs – thought I would sum it all up here in a few bullet points so I don’t bore you with my rambling! 

number 83

# of vendors advertising in the Southern MN Bride Magazine that was launched last week (we were one of them!!) Had a very fun launch party Friday night where we got to meet the publishers, other advertisers and got the first glimpse of the magazine- it turned out great. Each bride received a copy at the wed show on Sunday and I have more if you want one! And here is our ad…

Ginger P Designs Southern Minnesota Bride Ad
number 75

# of tote bags we gave away at the wedding show on Sunday to all of the awesome brides-to-be! And it was decided that we couldn’t pick just three winners from last week’s giveaway so all of the lucky peeps who commented get one… hip, hip hooray!

Jill Conlon and Gina Peterson of Ginger P Designs

Pic of my talented and beautiful mother and I setting up at the wedding expo! I noticed she is a great person to have in the booth helping since she would lure in a lot of her students (she is a professor at Minnesota State University- Mankato) A win-win situation with them earning brownie points and me being able to meet more brides haha! Now if only we could get a different color other than burgundy as our backdrops…

pink number 2

# of my eyes that had lasik surgery this week! This has been a goal of mine for a while now and it feels so great to have it done and behind me, no more contacts or glasses for this girl. If you are considering it, do it! Had the surgery at 8 AM on Tuesday and could see perfectly by 1:00 that afternoon- amazing! And the nerd that I am had to take a pic with my sweet goggles on, they protected my eyes from any rubbing or contact for the first 24 hours. Looking good…

lasik eye surgery goggles

number 317

# of cases, clutches & gadgets I have looked at online for my new iphone. I am obsessed with this thing and all the fun accessories you can have to go with it!! Case-mate (in my opinion) has some of the best, and the one I keep coming back to is this one called the “Universal Kayla Clutch” … can’t decide which color combo is best “forest” (blue and green) or “raven” (black and coral) – what do you think?forest kayla cutch for iphone by case-materaven kayla clutch for iphone by case-matepink number one

# of weeks I have left at work until Ginger P Designs is my full-time, real deal job!!!  That means you can look forward to more products, faster response time on emails and just a lot more of GPD all-around. I am so excited  : )

Be back in a week! cheers, Gina

One Response to “This week’s highlights”

  1. krissy March 4, 2012 at 8:09 pm #

    I vote coral 🙂

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